About us

The Diana Camidge Foundation, set up by Diana's family and friends, is raising funds to find a cure for the illness which tragically took her life.

Diana died in September 2016, aged 46, from an extremely rare prion disease called Gerstmann–Sträussler–Scheinker (GSS). This is similar to CJD and there is currently no cure for it. 

However, the MRC Prion Unit and the National Prion Clinic (NPC) have created a drug which could potentially treat this illness. All donations will contribute towards the clinic's work to find a cure. 


There is real hope for a future in which lives can be saved but the heavy cost of the clinical trials means that our objective can only be met through nationwide fundraising efforts. 


We will be running all kinds of different events throughout the year and we hope you are able to come along to some of them and support our cause.

"We want to end the devastating effect of this disease and save lives. Thank you so much for supporting us – it really is appreciated." John (Diana's brother)